Wild Wolf Leatherwork came to life in the Blue Ridge Mountains with the aim of harmonizing fashion, functionality, and fetish. We believe in engaging bondage as a method of healing, tool for building trust, moving energy, and reclaiming power within ourselves. Each piece is designed to empower, to transmute and harness self-love and to embody your sensual, influential self.

   This is a visioning space meant to encourage informative practices of kink, and the necessity of consent culture in every aspect of life. Our products are handcrafted with naturally tanned leather, made custom to your measurements for the perfect fit - for all bodies and genders. From design through creation and into your hands, each piece is crafted with care and attention.


Our leatherwear is meant to support you in cultivating safe, fulfilling relationship within yourself, to be shared in sacred connection with others. It is our honor to craft these tools, which we encourage you to use in ritual. We hope you will find liberation in your journey transmuting power dynamics to sex magic.

Founded by Ali Esposito, a self-taught leatherworker, Wild Wolf began as a one femme show. It remains a small operation run by Ali and their partner out of their studio in Asheville.

We're creating provocative and sex magical imagery of queer pleasure access and self empowerment. In sharing these images, we hope to strike more than an appreciation for their beauty.